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an agency of the Canadian government that oversees the activities of the Criminal Intelligence Services of Canada and has the power to intrude on the privacy of suspected terrorists or spies

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We believe that the Expert Panel's materials are the most important for our case from a discovery perspective," said SIRC Executive Director Jack Snyder.
The quasi-representational role of SIRC was an attempt to cover over one major departure from the recommendations of the McDonald Commission, one that was to prove a long-lasting deficiency.
The GNU has supported interfaith dialogue through the SIRC; however, the SIRC was relatively inactive during the reporting period.
Small wonder the US peace envoy to Sudan, former US Senator Jack Danforth, met SIRC before he met the government on his first official trip there last year.
All members of the SIRC were required to take an oath of secrecy.
Bioseco will deliver an advanced vision system, while SIRC will be focused on the delivery of the radar system built on first-class integrated circuits.
SIRC resources enable faculty to acquire the foundational knowledge needed to use simulations as a valuable learning tool.
After you read this message to the very end, be sure to click on the NLN's SIRC website--our Simulation Innovation Resource Center.
In July, the court denied a SIRC motion for a preliminary injunction ordering withdrawal of styrene from the RoC report, and the schedule for filings was the next step in the legal process.
The SIRC supported peace and reconciliation efforts between Christians and Muslims, sponsoring a conference on the role of religious leaders in peace building with the U.
The SIRC questioned the method how childhood obesity was estimated in the survey, published by the Department of Health in December.
Dr Sampson, who previously ran her own research company in Manchester, first worked with SIRC in 1999, when she was commissioned to undertake research on transnational seafarer communities for the Economic and Social Research Council.
SIRC, along with Dart Container Corporation, is challenging the legality of the listing.
Litigation Following denial on July 5 of a SIRC motion for a preliminary injunction ordering the HHS to withdraw publication of the RoC report as it related to styrene, U.