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Synonyms for sip

Synonyms for sip

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

a small amount of liquor

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a small drink

drink in sips

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In our proposed architecture, SIP Proxy 2 not only handles the signaling messages but also acts as the SIP registrar.
Distribution of the time intervals between signalling messages of the total flow entering SIP proxy server is not exponential, although it is created by servicing call flow, which time intervals between consecutive messages of the same type are distributed according to the exponential distribution.
The latter case operates between a UA and an SIP proxy server for the call-setup processes.
Interaction Edge([TM]) provides gateway capabilities enabling connections between traditional trunk lines and voice-over-IP networks, and adds media server and SIP proxy functionality in a single appliance.
Following an increasing demand from the SMB market, SoliCall has added support for integrating the PBXMate as a 100% transparent Sip Proxy.
It is assumed that the SIP elements such as the SIP proxy servers can know the degree of network congestion via a network core such as a network management system (NMS).
F5's BIG-IP solution provides carrier-grade performance and effectively scales SIP traffic through its unique ability to Intercept, Inspect, Transform and Direct traffic flowing through SIP proxy servers.
Attacks on SIP are made by attacking messages transmitted between the SIP proxy server and users.
The deployment incorporates TECORE's Linux-based SoftMSC System, integrated media gateways, integrated SIP proxy server, high-capacity/high-availability HLR, voicemail, messaging and prepaid services.
sipX, the SIP PBX for Linux, is a 100-percent SIP, 100-percent open source PBX, for end users, OEMs and developers, sipX is a complete, fully documented, easy-to-download/-install/-manage SIP PBX, voice mail, auto-attendant and SIP proxy.
Indigo will bring to the program the latest versions of its SIP user agent and SIP proxy server, as well as other key network components.
babyTEL is now able to take advantage of the integrated SIP Proxy Server on our Call Servers (50/100/300) and enable SIP functionality seamlessly and without any trunking licenses or additional expense.
The combination of Indigo Software's SIP Server & SDK (comprising carrier-grade SIP Proxy, Registrar, Redirect and Location servers) and i3 Micro's VOOD residential gateways is expected to provide service providers with an end-to-end solution offering higher quality Internet telephony over an IP network.
The NetVanta 1335 Multiservice Access Router integrates multiple networking functions in a single compact platform: a modular IP router with built in QoS, SIP proxy and Voice Quality Monitoring for hosted voice applications, a fully managed Ethernet switch with optional Power over Ethernet (PoE), stateful inspection firewall, and Virtual Private Networking (VPN).
Participants executed a number of different telepresence scenarios with intricate SIP signaling, testing for quality of service (QoS), network resiliency and interoperability involving new types of rich media endpoints with IP application servers, SIP proxy servers and session border controllers.