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a member of a group of North American Indian peoples who spoke a Siouan language and who ranged from Lake Michigan to the Rocky Mountains

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The hotel, a boutique 54-room property, is located in Sioux City's historic Battery Building in the Fourth Street District.
Thus, receiving this huge recognition can attest to the fact that the wedding officiant service provided by Cheryl and Joel Grams at the Sioux Falls.
In North Sioux City, South Dakota, dozens of National Guard soldiers were rushing to fill sandbags for residents of the McCook Lake neighborhood, where up to 400 homes were in danger of flooding.
Richard Friedrich, Managing Director of Sioux Online GmbH, explains: "We are passionate about our shoes and know everything there is to know about them.
From four starts A Boy Named Sioux has finished first and second, and unshipped twice.
The Sioux City plant is one of the oldest, most outdated and least efficient plants in the Smithfield system.
The relationship that develops between Sioux and Mabel is heartwarming and lovely.
The new Siouxland Y not only provides a place to exercise, but it also provides a place for local residents to interact, fosters positive community attitude, and improves the quality of life throughout the South Sioux region.
We are committed to delivering a top notch volleyball tournament in Sioux City just as we have done the past 11 years for basketball.
The article is supported by text and engravings, and the classic Sioux cradle is depicted being held by a Brule Sioux Woman.
Sioux, 42, of Woodside, Glasgow, said yesterday: "The doctors said the knife just missed my heart.
On May 16, Millage, a Sioux Falls native, will have 25 years under his belt at KELO-TV.
He says the ink had hardly dried on a settlement between the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the University of North Dakota (giving the school three years to get the OK from Sioux tribes to keep calling its sports teams the Fighting Sioux) before members of the tribe were being wooed by people siding with the university.
Combining traditional healing, medicines, foods and support programs with Western medical technologies will soon become a reality for the Sioux Lookout Meno-Ya-Win Health Centre and the 28 surrounding communities it services.
His approach is wide-ranging and deep, masterfully employing interdisciplinary methodologies to bring to the reader the best recent discoveries and state of knowledge about the Sioux from pre-history to 2000, drawn from the fields of archaeology, history, and anthropology.