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intelligence information gathered from communications intelligence or electronics intelligence or telemetry intelligence

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These tours help participants to develop an awareness for passive and active SIGINT collection systems and to identify and analyze vulnerabilities in technology.
In recent years, Israel has performed exports of airborne ELINT/ SIGINT equipment, notably to Colombia which purchased one example of IAI's EL/I-3120 system.
There is so little available regarding supersensitive SIGINT counterterrorism operations since 9/11 (the operations are so tightly compartmented that even most NSA analysts know little if anything about them) that any unclassified conclusions seem premature at best.
Now SIGINT has been evolved to understand these types of signals in a more dynamic environment, where you have essentially a cell-phone-type technology being used as communication devices," Gorda said.
In February and March 1946, a top-secret Anglo-American SIGINT conference took place, at which the details of an alliance were discussed.
The neutral capital of Stockholm offered numerous SIGINT interception opportunities as exemplified by the Oslo-Berlin communications.
This allows participants to broaden their understanding of the NSA overall and provides the opportunity to work with other intelligence agencies requiring SIGINT support.
AST's Model 570X SIREN offers an extremely low SWAP profile allowing superior functionality for both ground-based and airborne SIGINT operations, and is particularly well suited for deployment on small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) where low SWAP payload is paramount.
The Rakkasans IRC's SIGINT team works directly for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team SIGINT technician (who is forward deployed) as a traditional SIGINT analysis cell.
The Cassidian-developed SIGINT sensor suite, conforming to the German BundeswehrA[sup.
It has just been revealed that the EP-3E's SIGINT job will likely be turned over to a fleet of smaller aircraft, possibly similar to the US Army's Guardrail SIGINT aircraft and its planned successor, the Aerial Common Sensor, which are smaller, more easily deployed, and far less expensive to operate.
It will be our mission to continue to develop a new generation of airborne SIGINT technologies which will better enable strategic and tactical decision making at all levels of strategic and operational command.
Prior to September 2014, our HUMINT and SIGINT Soldiers were in two different platoons: the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Platoon, with All-Source and geospatial intelligence analysts, and the Major Systems Ground Platoon (tactical SIGINT Platoon), with linguists and SIGINT analysts.
MacB analysts are on the front line of providing the chain of command with the critical SIGINT they need to make informed decisions.
According to some reports, the Kolchuga-M SIGINT system was capable of detecting an approaching F-117A some five to seven minutes before the aircraft reached its target, enabling Saddam Hussein to leave the target zone just in time, before the attack was executed.