SI system

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a complete metric system of units of measurement for scientists

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The OMX V4(TM) SI system is the 4th generation of super-resolution microscope utilizing proven 3-D structured illumination technology providing an eight-fold improvement in volume resolution and outstanding widefield imaging capabilities.
At this demonstration facility, surgeons will be able to experience Intuitive's da Vinci Si System within a Stryker Integrated Operating Room.
Molloy as President and CEO, of our wholly owned subsidiary SI Systems, LLC, a leading supplier of "smart" material handling systems and "software-driven" warehouse and distribution center solutions.
com)-- SI Systems Technologies LLC announced today its recent award of the Network-Centric Solutions II (NETCENTS-2) Application Services (Small Business Companion (SB)) contract.
One of the top material handling systems suppliers worldwide, SI Systems leading clients have included the United States Postal Service, BMG, Peterbilt, Honda, CVS Pharmacy, Maybelline, and Walgreens.
Currently, the Company's operating subsidiary, SI Systems, Inc.
Voxware's standards-based, open software will enable SI Systems Order Fulfillment brand to integrate highly flexible and powerful voice-driven capabilities into comprehensive systems.
To date, the following companies have joined the EPC Compliance Network: Bekins Logistics, Control Solutions, NCS Technologies and SI Systems.
The acquisition of IA represents a strategic shift for SI Systems as it begins to transition its market strategy to the growing markets for enhanced distribution and order fulfillment solutions.