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a class of transferases that catalyze transamination (that transfer an amino group from an amino acid to another compound)

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on hepatic markers in CCU induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats GROUP SGOT (IU/L) SGPT (IU/L) Normal(NS) 148.5 [+ or -] 6.090 98 [+ or -] 7.183 Control (C[Cl.sub.4]) 544 [+ or -] 10.373 188 [+ or -] 12.987 Standard (C[Cl.sub.4])+ 194 * [+ or -] 7.823 128 * [+ or -] 8.124 silymarin) Test (C[Cl.sub.4] + PA).
" Part 3--IFCC method for SGOT and SGPT.J.clin chem., 1986; 24: 448-489 and 497-510.
In the present study, SGPT levels were raised in both group of patients i.e.
of 0.61 and albumin was 1.84 with SD 0.58 and Serum Bilirubin level was 19.53 with SD 8.23, Mean SGOT was 501.20 with SD 395.12, and Mean SGPT was 293.61 with SD 180.31.
On laboratory examination, in our study leukopenia was present in 53.33%, thrombocytopenia in 78.89%, hemoconcentration (>36.3%) in 41.11%, raised SGPT in 74.44%, primary infection present in 57.78% and secondary infection was present in 42.22%.
Aster Post-Ramadan Health Checkup offers customers comprehensive services including complete blood count (CBC), blood sugar (fasting), total cholesterol, uric acid (kidney), SGPT (liver), blood pressure, dental checkup, body mass index, physical examinations and consultation of a physician.
The comprehensive services include Complete Blood Count, Blood Sugar (fasting), Total Cholesterol, Uric Acid (Kidney), SGPT (Liver), Blood Pressure, Dental Checkup, Body Mass Index, Physical examinations and consultation of a physician.
Further, the SGPT and SGOT levels of birds did not differ among various treatments at 19 weeks of age.
Various parameters that were scrutinised are sugar, urea creatinine, Triglyceride, cholesterol, HDL, Bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, ALP, total protein, albumin and uric acid.
The findings, by SRL Diagnostics, showed that young adults had more abnormalities in liver enzymes, known as aminotransferases, which include alanine transaminase (ALT or SGPT) and aspartate transaminase (AST or SGOT).