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(computer science) a standardized language for the descriptive markup of documents

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The web was founded on HTML, a scaled-down version of SGML intended for the simple mark-up of documents for viewing across a network.
[Not that SGML required that authors and editors relinquish control of the text: SGML was used in putting the Oxford English dictionary online but "the electronic OED is not SGML-compliant ...
However, if the content were being transformed from word-processor format to structured markup, XML or SGML, then Content Engineering techniques and technologies would be applicable.
The ability to output to file formats including XML, SGML, and Adobe PDF significantly speeds report generation.
SAS70 audits of these data centers revealed a 95-99.995 percent accuracy for text and 100 percent accuracy for Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).
ACM then converts these papers to SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) and from there to PDF.
However, once a manual is converted to other than a page format (database, HTML, SGML, XML, etc.) other methods for pricing the deliverables must be developed.
Plus, XML, like HTML, is a subset of SGML (standard generalized markup language), a universally recognized, platform-independent international standard for defining descriptions of electronic documents.
Text Searching in Word and PDF Documents - In addition to advanced XML, SGML and HTML content searching, LivePage Enterprise will allow for the indexing and searching of content stored in native Word and PDF documents.
The Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), which became an ISO standard in 1986, pioneered the concept of structured documents [5].
Microstar makes SGML and XML tools like Near & Far Designer and the Aelfred XML parser.
Users of SGML, led by software companies such as XML design contributor ArborText, are making use of XML to make their vast collection of SGML documents available to users via the Internet.