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interface consisting of a standard port between a computer and its peripherals that is used in some computers

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The converter supports up to 12 Mb/s transfers over USB and unlike similar solutions, SCSI termination power is provided for compatibility with Zip drives and other non-terminated devices.
Later this year, Mylex will ship its Cluster Kit, a set of tools that overcome a traditional clustering problem -- SCSI termination failure.
The health of the components along with enclosure temperature and SCSI termination conditions are constantly monitored and relayed to the system administrator through Artecon's RAIDScape storage management software, as well as through LED indicators and audible alarms.
Disk(TM) cartridge (lifetime warranty), built-in SCSI termination and diagnostics, and a 256 Kbyte cache buffer.
According to Louis Grantham, Marketing Manager for Data Communications products at Linfinity: "Our UltraMAX products not only represent next-generation technology for SCSI termination applications, but offer a whole new approach to SCSI termination.