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SCS aims to be in the first tier in the IT services industry, focusing on three strategic business domains: the industry-specific application business, which utilizes expert knowledge in each industry to customize system architecture to client needs; the ERP solutions business, which includes proprietary packaged software; and the platform solution business, which concentrates on IT architecture services for the creation of IT systems.
9: SCS lecture, "A solution to hair graying--forever from a bottle?
The reason is that SCS eliminates pack and hold time.
Jensen, who qualified for the Southern Section meet last year, had a busy afternoon at the SCS Zones.
By forming joint alliances with our customers to provide unique tailored services, allows for highly efficient use of the SCS resources.
In addition, the company's innovations in SCS, including the Senza system and HF10 therapy, are covered by more than 75 issued US and international patents.
All of these products carry either the SCS or Smart Wood label and are guaranteed made from "wood harvested from a well-managed forest.
An SCS-based Training Package is an integrated set of learning contents, assessment guidelines and support and reference materials developed out of SCS in alignment with the competence requirements of a job function of an occupation in an industry, which can assist enterprises and course providers to develop SCS-based courses to address the training needs of an industry.
The Senza system is also the only SCS therapy indicated by FDA to deliver pain relief without paresthesia (a stimulation-induced sensation, such as tingling, burning, or pricking, which is the basis of traditional SCS), and to be approved by FDA to be used without patient restrictions on motor vehicle operation while receiving therapy.
The SCS market's performance has been measured by the growth in UTP cable volume.
The agreement is subject to certain conditions, including the completion of a construction loan for the first phase to be provided by SCS and the procurement of an experienced hotel management group to operate the project.
Analysis is provided for each geographic region on the economic and technology status in the region, along with an analysis of the SCS forecast data for each region, plus a separate inter-regional SCS analysis.
Accomplishments include merging HVAC with the Biomedical and Food Services divisions to create SCS, an all encompassing division of SANYO North American Corporation with a renewed focus on providing consumers with total solutions for business and home life.
of Japan and SCS in order to provide parylene coating services within Japan.
html) today jointly announced that LiteScape has received a major distribution contract from SCS with a commitment to sell LiteScape applications to the VoIP market.