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ViaSat is one of the largest providers of commercial SATCOM for military customers in the Middle East and North Africa, although the firm is quick to point out that it has a worldwide presence supplying similar services to customers in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe.
While there are commercial SATCOM providers which can be considered as US companies, such as PanAmSat and Loral's Skynet, the predominantly international nature of the industry severely hampers the US government's ability to influence it or to enter into agreements with it that are anything other than commercial in nature.
Week two testing evaluated the military utility of TacSat-4 for multiple types of UHF SATCOM equipment aboard Essex while sailing from San Diego, Calif.
This demand for spectrum can be mitigated to an extent by using SATCOM systems which use the spectrum in an efficient and intelligent way, minimising their electronic footprint to this end.
Devine and Team CSS Communications contributed to Army transformation by fielding CSS SATCOM systems to the Army's first modular unit of action, the 3rd Infantry Division of Fort Stewart, Ga.
Cobham SATCOM is an experienced first-mover in the development of L-band terminals and is already established as a market and technology leading enabler within the sector," said Anders Tue Olsen, Business Manager, L-Band, Maritime Business Unit, Cobham SATCOM.
According to Eric Boudjema, SATCOM terminal director at Thales, ten VENUS terminals have already been delivered to the army, with deliveries of the additional ten ongoing.
The LDR/MDR terminal is the successor to Raytheon's AN/USC-38 EHF low data rate military SATCOM (MID SATCOM) terminal.
ViaSat has a long history of delivering SATCOM equipment globally, to customers in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.
General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, a part of General Dynamics C4 Systems, said it will build and install a 100-ton, 12-meter, submillimeter-wavelength radio telescope antenna for the new Large Latin American Millimeter Array observatory.
NASDAQ: TSYS) has been selected as one of eight awardees of the Custom SATCOM Solutions contract.
Cobham SATCOM has unveiled its first Iridium Certus ConnectedTM terminal at Nor-Shipping 2017, the SAILOR 4300.
Inmarsat and Cobham SATCOM today announced the launch of the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband unmanned aerial vehicle (SB-UAV) satellite communications service, intended for use with the Cobham SATCOM AVIATOR UAV 200 terminal.
6 billion SATCOM contract(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-19 July 2006-EMS SATCOM and Thales to provide Airbus with high-speed mobile satellite communications services(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.