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a specialist regiment of the British army that is trained in commando techniques of warfare and used in clandestine operations (especially against terrorist groups)

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The third standard of fieldwork requires the auditor to obtain sufficient "appropriate audit evidence" as further discussed in SAS No.
PCI Express (PCIe), a new serial host bus architecture, is designed to address a wide range of current and future system interconnect requirements by delivering the flexibility, scalability and performance bandwidth needed to support upcoming technologies like 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) and SAS.
3 excluded engagements in accordance with the yellow book and engagements within the scope of SAS no.
We rely on SAS technology as we develop customized conversion routines for each Octagon client.
So considering these preceding elements, it's clear that SAS is being built on a solid foundation.
While CPAs must perform all procedures required for a SAS no.
We are privileged to help so many retailers drive results in today's highly competitive retail market," said Lori Schafer, Vice President of the SAS Global Retail Practice.
Serial ATA Tunneled Protocol (STP): The method by which a SAS host makes a connection to a Serial ATA drive, when using a SAS expander
Some accountants believe the knowledge of the client's accounting practices required to perform a SSARS review is similar to the knowledge of the internal control structure required for a SAS no.
A SAS Retail space planning user since the 1990s (previously known as Marketmax), Lynch said, "SAS is enabling ShopKo to internally communicate using common terminology and consistent planning standards.
With BI and analytics in such demand in the business world today, many professionals and students are keen to add the power of SAS to their skill set.
John Monroe, Research VP, Storage Markets, Gartner Dataquest, commented, "STA and various infrastructure vendors have executed cleanly, preparing a fertile ground for rapid deployment of diverse SAS configurations in servers and storage networks.
Available now, the added functionality makes it easier for customers to use data mining and data integration products in a grid-enabled environment, as well as improves productivity and performance by consolidating SAS business intelligence applications to maximize server usage.
6 percent over the previous year's figures and giving SAS an 8.
For the fourth consecutive year, CRM magazine has recognized SAS as the leading provider of CRM analytics.