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a guided missile fired from land or shipboard against an airborne target

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SAM Essentials Optimization Edition supports the recently-announced Microsoft[R] SAM Optimization Model, which helps IT and business managers understand why they are not in control of their software assets and where they should focus to improve SAM processes, and has been developed with the approval of Microsoft.
Effective SAM needs a careful mix of people, processes and technology.
He is well respected in the industry and has been instrumental in adding direct sources of supply for SAM that will promote growth and development in these markets.
A SAM arrangement obviously results in no payment if the property does not appreciate and, thus, fails to meet the ascertainability standard applied in Farley Realty.
Since 1999, SAM has annually assessed more than 1000 companies from 57 industry sectors on the basis of company-specific sustainability criteria.
Not only is SAM easy to use, but it is compact and light weight, which means it can be used anywhere.
We hope SAM will increase our store over store revenue through our existing customer base and from those new customers who will be visiting our stores to use SAM.
SAM Private Equity is a leading international venture capital firm focusing on emerging technologies in the energy, materials and water sectors.
Investors in Software (IiS) is a professional association(1) dedicated to supporting the SAM profession, independent of specific vendors or resellers.
CSC Praises SAM Jupiter's Fast Implementation; Role-based User Administration (RBAC) Ranked 'Very Good'; New Windows Version Performs Strongly in Evaluation Test