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Iraqi leader who waged war against Iran

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At the time, Sadam Suliman, a 400m runner, told the Gazette he was "nervous" but looking forward to the Olympics.
According to audited data, turnover of Tallinna Sadam was 89.
Massimo Maccaferri, President of Eridania Sadam and Eridania Tate & Lyle said "Eridania Tate & Lyle is a joint venture between two important European sugar producers with different competences, and will give a new boost in terms of competitiveness to the Italian sugar market.
Todo esto es una buena prueba de que las Potencias Occidentales armaron al Irak de Sadam Hussein, aunque a partir de 1990 este se convertiria en el gran enemigo de Occidente, particularmente de EE.
Mr Galloway is suing the paper over allegations he was in the pay of Iraqui dictator Sadam Hussein.
5 million to the Villasor sugar refinery, run by the Sadam ISZ Group.
En un intento de contraataque, Bush dijo que el lider iraqui Sadam Husein "tenia la capacidad" de construir tales armas de destruccion masiva.
Sadam Iqbal, Zahid Younis and Ansar Mehmood, all aged 22, have just graduated from Staffordshire University, where they won degrees in software engineering from the university's centre of excellence in mobile communications technology.
ANDREW COCKBURN'S most recent book is Out of the Ashes: The Resurrection of Sadam Hussein.
While talking to newsmen, the protesting woman said that her nephews including Ali Sher, Wazir, Azeem and Sadam have occupied her home after the death of her husband due to which she is facing many hardships.
The protest demonstration was taken out from Shahnawaz Chowk Badin and was participated by Advocate Ram Kolhi, Mukesh Meghwar, Javid Mandhro, Sadam Pathan and others and concluded at outside of Badin Press Club.
As a result, Mohammad Ashraf (20) and Sadam Hussain (24) died on the spot, while Ramzan Bibi (40), Naeem Bibi (35), Fatima (30) and Asima Bibi (50) sustained serious injuries.
According to police sources, the victim namely Sadam Hussain was swimming near the Pat Feeder Canal due to hot weather as he slipped into it and which caused his death.
Vargas beat Sadam Ali back in March to become the champion.
Meanwhile, Sadam Cricket Club won second Ramzan super eight, tournament by defeating Haroon-ur-Rashid club in a final, which was played Hajab village ground in Sakhakot.