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In 5 hearts, SA node was supplied by both RCA and LCx (6.
Average length of SANA was more on the left side, because the artery travelled more distance to reach SA node.
The problem in AF is that the SA node has lost control of the pace of the heart.
Since the SA node (the natural pacemaker of the heart) is the part of the heart that resets the fastest it typically resumes beating first and is thereby able to resume control of the heart rate and rhythm.
The lead also serves to sense the voltage developed at the ventricle or atrium when the SA node is operating normally.
They monitor the SA node activity to ensure it is neither too fast (tachycardia) nor too slow (bradycardia) and only administer pacing pulses if the S A node has not done so within a certain time.
Advanced electronics apply a large energy pulse to the heart that stops all erratic electrical activity and provides the SA node an opportunity to take control of the heart rhythm.
This research initiative, funded by Language Australia, Child ESL and Literacy Research SA Node, provided participating teachers with support in relation to project managers, individual mentors and release time.
The electrical impulses generated by the SA node move throughout the right and left atrium, causing the muscle cells to contract and send blood into the ventricles.
Normally, the electrical signal that tells your heart to beat comes from the sinoatrial node, or SA node, in the right atrium.
You may have neither heart disease nor thyroid disease, but instead a problem may develop with the SA node or with the electrical pathways in the heart.
Anatomy of the conducting tissue of heart: The conducting tissue of the heart comprises of SA node, AV node, AV bundle with 2 limbs & Purkinje fibres.
When the SA node fires off impulses slower than a certain rate called the "backup rate the pacemaker kicks in and activates the atria.