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a double curve resembling the letter S

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Tests of three models, linear regression, logical regression (s-shape), and the physically based air2stream model, show that the air2stream model provided the best results, followed by logical regression.
Early studies on this kind of models analyzed and described the relationship between vehicle ownership and time series, which is found as an S-shape curve [9].
After the pre-compression and unloading, the tensile curves exhibit a characteristic sigmoidal shape (S-shape), which is typical for compression test of extruded Mg alloys.
Another has a leg bent almost in an S-shape. Yet another is mounted to the side of a large barrel used for a high-pressure supply tank.
Jude said that the new leads are designed based on the company's quadripolar LV lead technology and include additional spacing options on two new S-shape and one new double-bend lead designs.
The 580ST also retains the S-shape boom so integral to the Case backhoe, and which ensures that the effort is evenly distributed over the entire length of the boom, resulting in high stress resistance.
When the fault displacement is small, the deflection curve is smooth S-shape. But with the increasing of the fault displacement, the deflection curve is non-smooth Z-shape.
Yulia had a variety of top class instructors and rode a host of the most amazing horses during her stay; the majority of the horses were stallions.So astride her first after being shown how to hold the double reins, her stirrups lengthened so she could barely touch them, and a short limbering-up walk, she was asked to do a half-pass (movement sideways and forwards at the same time) and to her great surprise this movement flowed.Next came flying changes in serpentine (change of canter lead while making an S-shape in the arena), followed by the Spanish Walk, and more half passes in all gaits (walk/trot/canter).
Either way, I'll cast across the current and a little downstream and, depending on the speed of the water flow, I may throw some slack in an S-shape to allow the fly to sink deeper before the drag of the line causes the fly to start riding-up in a strong current.
We further show some shape variations which can be obtained by using S-shape LAC in which the designer tweaks the segment in order to obtain the desired shape.
Engineered for S-shape speed control, the system enables smooth acceleration transition and improved load stability.