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Following Lamont and Bail (2007:20), we argue that studying the equalisation strategies used by Russian-speaking women in Estonia will not only produce new understandings of how this particular minority group deals with stigmatisation, but also about the nature of discrimination in Estonia, in the sphere of work and employment as well as beyond.
I consider it inadmissible for Russian-speaking residents of Latvia, who constitute up to 40% of the country's population, to be discriminated against on the basis of language.
The post Supporting the Russian-speaking community in Cyprus appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Gorhskov said he chose to hold the parade in the enclave of Brighton Beach in order "to break through the silence and taboo of the Russian-speaking community" and demand equal rights for its minorities, who are rapidly increasing in number as a new wave of Russian-speaking immigrants flock to Brighton's shores, including Muslims and gay asylum seekers.
According to a statement released by Birthright Israel, the event was "part of a comprehensive partnership between Birthright Israel and Genesis Philanthropy Group, intended to provide Russian-speaking participants with various enrichment experiences while they are in Israel.
Of Russian-speaking respondents, 8 per cent described them as very good, 40 per cent as rather good, 36 per cent as rather bad, 5 per cent as bad, whereas 10 per cent couldn't say Responses of the two categories of respondents didn't differ much when people were asked about their perception of whether or not the Estonian state treats them fairly.
DLD's data shows that 12 Russian-speaking nationalities across 6,000 investors have invested up to $3.
in November 2011, the 17 essays in this volume explore the Russian-speaking Jewish diaspora in the US, Israel, and Germany.
2, 2015, shows a man who identified himself as Magomed Khasayev of Chechnya, bound and kneeling in front of another Russian-speaking man with a knife.
We can observe this particularly among the Russian-speaking immigrants, who came from the former Soviet Union.
NO HEADLESS CHICKEN KIEV The government in Kiev wants European Union countries, including the UK, to send troops to eastern Ukraine to subdue areas held by Russian-speaking rebels.
The rebels said they were ready to declare a truce if agreement can be reached on a political settlement for the mostly Russian-speaking region.
Pro-Russian separatists are battling Kiev's forces in the mainly Russian-speaking Donbass region, which is home to most of Ukraine's heavy industry and accounts for about 18 percent of the country's economic output.
Eastern Ukraine, with a large Russian-speaking population, was the heartland of support for Viktor Yanukovych, the Russia-friendly president who was ousted in February.
Russian citizenship that simplify citizenship procedure for Russian-speaking compatriots, according to ITAR-TASS.
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