Russo-Japanese War

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Japanese victory in the war with Russia (1904-1905) gave Japan power over Korea and Manchuria

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66) War correspondent James Miller assembled a collection of news and data into a thick book he entitled Thrilling Stories of the Russian-Japanese War.
67) James Martin Miller, Thrilling Stories of the Russian-Japanese War (Chicago, 1905), 20.
Mitsouko was based on the story of the beautiful Japanese wife of Admiral Togo, who is secretly loved by a British officer and who has to wait in silent dignity until the end of the 1904 Russian-Japanese war to claim her love, while the famous L'Heure Bleu is simply that fleeting moment before nightfall when the sun sinks and the horiz on is blue awaiting its stars; the silent, romantic hour.
It was closed during the Russian-Japanese War and only reopened in November, 1991.
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