Russian Orthodox Church

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Through a thorough theoretical discussion of the concept and processes of secularization in Europe, the author poses important questions on the processes of secularization in Poland and Russia, particularly focusing on the close relations between the Polish Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church with their respective states.
The Russian Orthodox Church on Tuesday called for the release of two Orthodox bishops who Syrian state media said were kidnapped by an armed group in northern Syria.
The Russian Orthodox Church marks Christmas on January 7.
On the eve of the appeal, the Russian Orthodox church said it would appeal for clemency if the band members repented.
Since opening its doors to the Russian Orthodox Church last year, the Saint Philip Apostle Orthodox Complex has become a pillar of support in the expatriate community, say church leaders.
Last year the Russian Orthodox Church celebrated the 140th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Asian diocese.
by artists who separated from the official Russian Orthodox Church after 1666 in protest against church reforms introduced by Patriarch Nikon between 1652 and 1666.
At the same time, the conservative Russian Orthodox Church leadership has been proposing serious restrictions to the abortion law.
1, with about 300 people visiting the United Church of Christ in Japan's Hakodate Church, the Hakodate Episcopal Church, the Russian Orthodox Church and the Motomachi Roman Catholic Church in about three hours.
Summary: SHARJAH: A Russian Orthodox Church that opened last Saturday is a great example of Sharjah's religious harmony.
A CROSS was restored and blessed to adorn the tower of a former derelict chapel in Merseyside taken over by the Russian Orthodox Church.
His official title was Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias--and he is currently regarded as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer by the Russian Orthodox Church.
The ensemble is from St Petersburg and will sing a selection of Russian Orthodox Church music and Russian folk songs.
Summary: Rabat - Morocco is a land of religious freedom and tolerance, Father Dimitriy Orekhov of the Russian orthodox church in Morocco said on Wednesday.
The work not only examines the relationship between and among these varied groups, but their relationship and attitude towards the Russian Orthodox Church and the political establishment of Russia.
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