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Quickly she returned to the side of the unconscious Russian.
HE had followed the trail of his fleeing people for eleven days, and his pursuit had been in itself a flight; for behind him he knew full well were the dreaded Russians, toiling through the swampy lowlands and over the steep divides, bent on no less than the extermination of all his people.
Here we lived long, on the rim of the sea, among a people by whom the Russians were well hated.
But first the Russians put out the eyes of Old Kinoos that he might never show the way again, and then they fought, where the waves beat white, with the people of Pastolik.
Even now is he on our heels, and with him many Russians fresh up from the sea.
Nor was I coward when I journeyed, a young man and alone, up the Yukon farther than man had ever been, so far that I came to another folk, with white faces, who live in a great fort and talk speech other than that the Russians talk.
Then I heard the talk of the shamans and chiefs that the Russians had brought strange sicknesses upon the people, and killed our men, and stolen our women, and that the land must be made clean.
And I saw the Russians come up the Yukon in boats, fresh from the sea, many Russians; and I saw Ivan creep forth from where he lay hid and make talk with them.
It will be a great day, for the Russians will be killed, the land will be made clean, and Ivan, even Ivan who thrust out my father's eyes and laid the lash of his dog-whip upon thee, will be killed.
I go now to make talk with the chiefs, so that they may know I am gone to show the Russians the way.
Then he began to imagine that the Russians were running away and that he himself was killed, but he quickly roused himself with a feeling of joy, as if learning afresh that this was not so but that on the contrary the French had run away.
In actuality, though, the growth of a tourism industry around Lake Baikal reveals that the Russian economy has become markedly more open to tree enterprise than was the case under the old Soviet planned economy.
Three years earlier a large Russian troupe, with stars from both Moscow and Leningrad, had arrived in Paris but were pulled back on political grounds before they even opened
Russian intellectuals were in a rush to naively proclaim the end of ideology during perestroika, when they witnessed top Soviet apparatchiks turning the Communist regime into their own enemy.
With his purchase of the Chelsea Soccer team in London and along with it, the world's largest private yacht, the Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich highlighted the fact that his oil-derived wealth was now the match of anything claimed by the oil princes of Saudi Arabia.
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