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a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia

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The Kola Peninsula, between the Barents and White Seas in northwest Russia, is another major site of actual and potential nuclear contamination.
Russia does not yet participate in the European network for gastrointestinal diseases, the Enternet (2), although international cooperation in surveillance for such diseases as legionellosis, meningococcal infections, and malaria is improving.
In response to this military weakness, Yeltsin in April approved "a blueprint for the development and use of nonstrategic nuclear weapons," which would modernize some of the tactical and short-range weapons Russia removed from its arsenal several years ago.
Certainly, Russia has long bristled with nuclear weapons.
Q Generally, what has happened to records management in Russia during the years since the dissolution of the Soviet Union?
Nevertheless, the Professional Communicators Guild of Russia was established as the first professional association for Russian PR practitioners.
The government of Canada, meanwhile, is offering $200 million in insurance coverage to several Canadian companies which plan to invest in Russia.
For the purposes of this report, Europe is deemed to consist of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Russia.
They killed hundreds of innocent children in Russia.
Chairman Hunter's press release noted that "last year, the House Armed Services Committee held a hearing on a pair of failed disarmament projects in Russia that together wasted some $250 million in Department of Defense funds.
Russia is fighting a war in what part of its territory?
When British police detectives from Scotland Yard went to Russia to interview a number of witnesses and suspects, including the three men who had met with Litvinenko, they were told that two of the main objects of interest, Lugovoi and Kovtun, were in hospital quarantine for radiation poisoning.
Russia is certainly not on the front burner of American foreign policy concerns right now--a conference on the future of Iraq held at AEI a few days earlier was fully booked days in advance.
Eastern Europe and Russia have become important growth markets for pulp and paper.