Ruscus aculeatus

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shrub with stiff flattened stems resembling leaves (cladophylls)

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Atualmente, muitas das folhagens de corte sao provenientes do extrativismo, como a guaricanga (Geonoma pohliana) (OSHIRO et al., 2001) e a samambaia (Rhumora adiantiformis) (RIBAS & MIGUEL, 2004), ou de produtores mais tecnificados e comercializadas pelo Veiling Holambra, como o ruscus (Ruscus aculeatus) e o Pitosporo (Pittosporum tobira) (IBRAFLOR, 2014), restando pouca ou nenhuma opcao de producao para pequenos produtores.
Celynnen Fair, Ruscus aculeatus; butcher's broom neu thorny broom Llun Ieuan Roberts
This pilot investigation aimed to specifically measure lymphatic flow using non invasive nuclear medicine 'gold standard' pre and post herbal medicine interventions of a standardised herbal formulation of horsechestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum), butcher's broom (Ruscus aculeatus) and ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) (Horsechestnut Complex[R]) in a group of normal volunteers.
More than 30 clinical trials over the past 30 years or so have demonstrated the benefit of the butcher's broom (Ruscus aculeatus) extract in the management of chronic venous insufficiency.
Butcher's broom (Ruscus aculeatus) is an herb that increases circulation in the legs by constricting veins.
1 2 1 atrocinerea Companions Ruscus aculeatus 1 1 2 2 + 3 2 1 Quercus broteroi + + + .
a e, d ive 3 Eau Thermale Avene Calm Redness Relief Soothing Repair Mask (PS15, Boots) The perfect SOS for irritated winter skin, with natural extract ruscus aculeatus, which helps constrict the capillaries and banish redness.
INCI name: Propanediol, water (aqua), ruscus aculeatus root extract, citrus medica limonum peel extract, solidago virgaurea extract, astragalus membranaceus root extract
Good shrubs for shade include the spotted laurel, Aucuba japonica, Berberis linearifolia, a tough evergreen barberry with orange spring flowers and purple berries, Viburnum tinus, an evergreen with clusters of white winter flowers, and butcher's broom, Ruscus aculeatus, a 30cm (1ft) shrub with insignificant flowers but red berries on female bushes in autumn, and, for partial shade, Choisya ternata, the Mexican orange blossom, with glossy leaves and white flowers.
Hedero-Ericetum is not only the first degraded plant community of Asplenio-Quercetum suberis in the Sierra de Espadan; it is also present as a seral state of Minuartio-Quercetum, although impoverished in scrubs such as Cytisus villosus or Ruscus aculeatus (Merle & Ferriol, 2008).
However, the presence of mesothermophilous taxa, such as Quercus robur, Carex pendula, Ruscus aculeatus, Rubia peregrina or Arbutus unedo in the Cantabrian-Atlantic ash tree forests we have studied, allows a clear-cut distinction as compared to the previous (Tables 2, 3, 4 and 7).
INCI name: Water (and) lauryl methacrylate/glycol dimethacrylate crosspolymer (and) dicaprylyl ether (and) panthenol (and) aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) extract (and) titanium dioxide (and) algae extract (and) ruscus aculeatus root extract (and) centella asiatica extract (and) calendula offi cinalis flower extract (and) xanthan gum (and) polyglyceryl-2 dipoly hydroxystearate
Generalmente es frecuente encontrar otras especies de menor porte como Viburnum tinus, Arbutus unedo, Pteridium aquilinum, Ruscus aculeatus, Origanum virens, Vincetoxicum nigrum, etc.
Phase A Liporeductyl (Centerchem, Lipotec) 7.0 (Water, glycerin, lecithin, caffeine, ruscus aculeatus [butcherbroom) extract, TEA-hydroiodide, hedera helix (ivy] extract, carnitine, escin, tripeptide-3, xanthan gum, chondrus crispus (carrageenans], EDTA) Glycerin 8.8 Phenonip 0.3 (Phenoxyethanol, methyparaben, ethyl paraben, butylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben) Carbomer 0.3 Demineralized water q.s.