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Synonyms for risk

stand a chance of




Synonyms for risk

a possibility of danger or harm

exposure to possible harm, loss, or injury

a venture depending on chance

to expose to possible loss or damage

to subject to danger or destruction

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to run the risk of

Synonyms for risk

a venture undertaken without regard to possible loss or injury

the probability of becoming infected given that exposure to an infectious agent has occurred

the probability of being exposed to an infectious agent

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Cabinet members were warned that, without the handout, Birmingham could run the risk of having the super hospital open without direct road access for at least nine months.
Burns's desire to rage against the machine will resonate with many viewers, but one can't help but wonder if rage expressed with such broad naivete doesn't run the risk of simply fueling the very machine it opposes, rather than becoming a spanner in its works.
Make sure that the aircraft and covers are dry before putting the covers on the aircraft or you run the risk of them freezing on the aircraft.
"If kids don't have a positive safe space to be themselves, many run the risk of turning to other things to help them cope with the world," such as drugs or even suicide, says Kilmnick, who serves as LIG ALY's executive director.
Having run the gauntlet of the Safety Partnership camera vans on their way into Denbighshire, any visitors now run the risk of paying further hefty fines when they park their car.
Exchangeable modules that do not shape brands must be designed with a strict eye on costs, and these more generic systems run the risk of being treated as a commodity rather than a value-added piece of business.
You must always take these gels with fluid, however, or you run the risk of slowing the absorption of both the carbohydrate and the fluid.
But they cannot leave the country as they run the risk of not being able to return.
Without such a close, you run the risk that each attendee might leave with a different view of the meeting's results or their obligations.
Carriers that do not have a consistent value proposition evident in all their dealings with customers run the risk of confusing and alienating them, or at the very least, making them wonder what they are paying for that they can't get elsewhere.
But "if the police are shown again to be gathering information in the grand old tradition, they run the risk of sanctions," says Eisenstein.
This kind of history can run the risk of an esotericism where its practitioners speak only with one another; Gary De Krey, in an essay on "radicalism" in the Restoration (71-99), is acutely aware of this: "Mystery has replaced history when the academic doors are locked with new-patterned keys cut in a subfield of another discipline known to few.
YOU don't have to own a banger to run the risk of running into problems with your car.
Moreover, they run the risk of being placed on one of these "black hole" lists.