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the length of time that a movie or tv show runs

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An increase in production run times increased aroma and cooked-sulfur flavor intensities and decreased sweet aromatic flavor in the skim milk powder.
They're able to push the performance envelopes of battery systems to achieve the highest battery efficiencies and run times, while maintaining the maximum levels of reliability and safety.
Calibre nmDRC demonstrated dramatic scalability improvement during benchmark tests, providing exceptional run time improvements for integrated circuit (IC) designs developed at advanced nanometer technologies.
With Hyperscaling our customers also realize substantial improvements in run time and increased productivity.
With our current designs targeting at 90nm and 130nm, compared with the original version, we found the new Hyperscaling performs more efficiently by speeding up DRC run times up to 5x.
ASPEED's value proposition is to enable clients with computationally intensive applications to significantly reduce response time and reduce run times.
ACCELLERANT offers a big step to reducing time to market and competitiveness for pharmaceutical firms by decreasing individual run times of NONMEM and leveraging less expensive hardware platforms.
But these are extremely 'power hungry' applications whose demands exceed the run times available from today's battery technology.
While new, fully recharged lithium-ion batteries in today's new analog TV-capable cell phones can deliver continuous TV run times for a maximum of 60 minutes, according to published specifications from their makers.
The result, said Balcom, is that users of contemporary personal electronic devices will experience run times measured in tens of minutes versus the hours that they will demand.
With the increasing trend to mobility in electronics and consumer devices, portable fuel cells offer the promise of longer run times, lighter weight, and increased user convenience over the best-available battery technology.
Targeted for handheld and mobile products, the PS700 supports battery-operated products to extend system run times while providing greater predictability of use.