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We have a lot of respect for him, and it is very hard to watch the ruling family feel heart-broken through this tough time," said Salama.
Though he is from the same Sudairi lineage as the king and his two crown princes, as well as King Fahd's son, Sultan bin Turki could represent a group of dissenting members of the ruling family who resent the concentration of power in the Salman and Nayef clans.
But he is also cautious about reforms which may lead to a de-stabilisation of Kuwait, while resisting frequent calls by the ruling family to dissolve the NA after each crisis, always trying to resolve problems through negotiations whenever this is possible.
Later, the King hosted a lunch banquet before watching a photo exhibition held by the Ruling Family Council retracing the legacy of Bahraini rulers since the march of progress started in 1869, up to the present prosperous era.
Works of 17 poets from Abu Dhabi's ruling family featured
Kuwait's parliament is the most powerful in the Gulf Arab region but policy is determined by the government, which said Sheikh Jaber, a senior ruling family member, was not responsible for the issues MPs wanted to question him about.
Illness at the top of the ruling family left Sheikh Sabah as the de facto policymaker for years before he became emir, chosen as an experienced pair of hands.
Dubai: Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, visited the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara in Jebel Ali on Wednesday, marking the first-ever visit by a member of the ruling family to the Sikh place of worship.
A statement issued by the SIIC said that during his visit, it is expected that Hakeem is to meet with a number of Kuwaiti political leaders and members of the ruling family, he is also to attend Kuwaiti Ramadan's Diwaniyas.
The princess, who has denied the charges, has also been accused of torturing 21-year-old Ayad al-Qurmazi, who was arrested in 2011 after she publicly read out poetry that criticised the ruling family.
The Saudis are reported close to the ruling family, while the deceased prisoner was convicted to death, according to a statement by Minister of Justice Hassan al-Shammari to London-based al-Hayat daily.
Consensus has occurred within the ruling family, between the government and the National Assembly, and between the ruling family and the political and business figures in society.
The ruling family of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been a true friend and firm supporter of Pakistan in difficult times and in this hour of tragedy the Pakistani nation stands with the people of Saudi Arabia.
Opposition, mainly Islamist MPs won a majority of seats in parliament, and its relations with the cabinet, which is appointed by a PM hand-picked by the ruling family, have been rocky.
Kuwait's emir, Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, on Sunday called the incident a "black day" for the oil-rich Gulf state which has been witnessing heightened tension between the ruling family led government and opposition MPs.