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Interestingly, a significant number of ministers in the cabinet are from the ruling family.
Rejecting as rubbish the reports that the Sharifs had been 'summoned to investigate' their relations with some Saudi influential figures facing corruption charges there, he said Nawaz Sharif enjoyed so much respect with the Saudi ruling family that a portion of the Masjid-i-Nabvi in Medinah had been got vacated as a special protocol when the PML-N chief went there to offer Nawafil.
Al-Sanea, the ruling family and business community had good reason to be complacent: they, like the crown prince and the Salman branch of the family, were all part of a system and a way of doing business that went back to the founding of Saudi Arabia.
The most recent crackdown breaks with the tradition of consensus within the ruling family whose secretive inner workings are equivalent to those of the Kremlin at the time of the Soviet Union,' wrote James Dorsey, a senior fellow at Singapore's S.
In an investigation published on Friday under the headline of "Emir of Qatar orders the imprisonment of ruling family members", the magazine quoted Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, a French businessman and Chairman of a French company for training and management, as saying that when he was jailed for being falsely accused of issuing bad check, he met in the prison around 20 members of the royal family and they told him that they were jailed on orders by Emir of Qatar for supporting boycotting countries including Saudi Arabia.
The GCC, Arab media outlets and other social media networks are abuzz with speculation after a prominent figure of Qatar ruling family, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, called for a meeting of members of the ruling family and other dignitaries in Qatar to end the present Gulf crisis.
Two women were elected, despite extensive back-stage encouragement by the ruling family.
An undetermined number of Qatar's ruling family has been kidnapped while hunting with falcons in the Najaf Desert, a source in the Iraqi police told Sputnik on Wednesday.
Saudi Arabia's intervention in Yemen has also brought to the fore cracks within the kingdom's ruling family at a time that fissures are also becoming public among rulers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
The same source said that the accompanying delegation comprises Sheikh Jaber Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, Sheikh Faisal Al-Saud Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, National Guard Deputy Commander Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, HH Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, Deputy Chairman of the Ruling Family Council Sheikh Dr.
The ceremony was also attended by His Majesty's sons, parliament chairman Ahmed Al Mulla, Shura Council chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh, Supreme Judicial Council chairman and Cassation Court president Salim bin Mohammed Al Kuwari and senior members of the Ruling Family.
Among the priceless possessions, on display at an exhibition he has organized, themed "Kuwait and the ruling family from rise to promotion .
The public prosecution questioned Sheikh Ahmad Fahad al-Sabah, a senior ruling family member and former minister, on April 7 for five hours about the tape, which he said he had handed over to Kuwait's leaders.
The ruling family can no longer lead the government," said an official of the nationalist Popular Action Movement.
According to the report, the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah's ruling family is discussing a deal, seen to involve the sale of a minimum 25% stake in the business, with an investment firm from the region.