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doctrine that the useful is the good

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In Simple Rules for a Complex World (1995), Richard Epstein uses rule utilitarianism to justify a set of rights that are remarkably similar to those espoused by the natural-rights advocates.
Rule utilitarianism or RU: an action is right if and only if it conforms to a set of rules the general acceptance of which would produce the greatest balance of pleasure over pain for everyone
By removing the specificity of the act, rule utilitarianism seeks to create what we, as rational thinkers, consider good outcomes.
Some people argue in favor of a form of rule utilitarianism as a solution to this problem--namely, that the action should be judged according to the costs and benefits of following a rule of which the action is part.
30) we might say with MacCormick that his theory resembles a form of ideal rule utilitarianism.