Ruhr Valley

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a major industrial and coal mining region in the valley of the Ruhr river in northwestern Germany

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In 2005, a parcel of Ruhr Valley land, near Datteln - a town twinned with Cannock, Staffordshire - was being excavated to make way for a sports hall, and the wreckage of an Allied bomber was unearthed, with the remains of four men inside.
The Mohne and Edersee Dams were breached, causing catastrophic flooding of the Ruhr valley and of villages in the Eder valley - crucial to the German war effort.
It was seventy years ago today the survivors of the Dambusters raid arrived home after their daring raid on Germany's Ruhr Valley.
The planes, armed with scientist Dr Barnes Wallis' bouncing bombs, flew to the Ruhr Valley either side of midnight on May 16.
In May 1943, RAF Lancasters of 617 Squadron dropped bouncing bombs that broke the Mohne and Eder dams, flooding the industrial Ruhr valley.
The largest inflatable object in the world has been unveiled in the city of Oberhasen in Germany's Ruhr Valley.
Using the railway guide, Portillo heads west through the picturesque Harz Mountains and the Industrial Ruhr Valley, in the process learning more about how Germany prepared for the First World War.
Our targets were heavily-defended cities in the Ruhr Valley.
Security Essen is an international security exhibition stronghold and takes place in North Rhine-Westphalia in the Ruhr valley between the 25th and 28th September.
This interesting volume on late nineteenth and early twentieth century Polish immigration presents a comparative analysis of the experience of Polish workers living in the Ruhr valley of Germany and in northeastern Pennsylvania.
The little bottlenose dolphin is one of three dolphin babies, that were born at the same time last month at the zoo in the Ruhr valley.
Clive Summersgill and Andrew Hart continued the link by taking part in the Ruhr Valley Half Marathon in Witten, just outside Dortmund.
The story of the destruction of the major dams in Germany's industrial heartland in the Ruhr valley in 1943, a mission that seemed impossible until engineer and scientist Barnes Wallis came up with the ingenious idea of bouncing bombs, and the pilots of 617 Squadron were trained to fly the crucial mission 1954***
The Ruhr valley region, of which Duisburg is a part, has been designated European Capital of Culture for 2010, with dozens of mass events so far having been carried out this year.