riot gun

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a firearm designed to disperse rioters rather than to inflict serious injury or death

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* Photographer Al Crespo took pictures of an LAPD officer aiming and firing at him with a rubber bullet gun. He was shot three times.
Next, I saw the soldier who had been chasing him aim his rubber bullet gun directly at the boy and I saw him shoot the boy in the stomach at very close range," she said.
Met Police sparked an outcry when it announced on Tuesday that officers would use rubber bullet guns against demonstrators in "extreme circumstances".
Everywhere, soldiers clutching M16 automatic rifles stood guard, others in Humvees with machine guns trained stood guard, while police offices in blue fatigues carried tear gas dispensers, rubber bullet guns and shotguns.
I said it might have been only the echo of the rubber bullet guns bouncing off the walls, but he was certain.