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(surgery) tying a duct or blood vessel with a ligature (as to prevent bleeding during surgery)

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Conclusion: Rubber band ligation was found to have better patient outcomes as compared to injections sclero-therapy in treatment of 2nd degree hemorrhoids.
We are currently comparing Rubber Band Ligation with HALLO-RAR in which twelve UK hospitals are participating.
According to Bayer [4] Rubber Band Ligation is a safe, cheap and convenient method and can save hundreds of hospitalization days.
Triple rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids: Prospective, randomized trial of use of local anesthetic injection.
Only patients with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree haemorrhoids (bleeding and prolapse) were selected for the study and they underwent rubber band ligation in two sessions, 6 weeks apart.
Consider rubber band ligation A systematic review of 3 poor-quality trials comparing rubber band ligation with excisional hemorrhoidectomy in patients with grade III hemorrhoids found that excisional hemorrhoidectomy produced better long-term symptom control but more immediate postoperative complications of anal stenosis and hemorrhage.
In rubber band ligation, a small rubber band is placed over the hemorrhoid, cutting off its blood supply.
One of the most common surgical methods is rubber band ligation.
The new disposable CRH-O'Regan Hemorrhoid Banding System from The Center for Colorectal Health offers a significant advance in the rubber band ligation technique for effective outpatient treatment of hemorrhoids.
Endoscopic rubber band ligation in treatment of esophageal varices bleeding.
Frederic Chopin in Rzeszow, and including - Part 1 - Tools and accessories consumables for research and endoscopic procedures: biopsy forceps, loops for polypectomy, balloons extraction deposits, needle biopsy, guides the bile duct, clips haemostatic, rubber band ligation kits ligation of esophageal varices, pumping equipment balloons, three-dimensional tool to remove severed polyps and foreign bodies, sfinkterotomy rotary baskets to extract deposits - 11 items in parts.
We conducted a prospective randomized study to compare the advantages and disadvantages of commonly practiced methods like rubber band ligation, injection Sclerotherapy and ligation and excision.
These include sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation, and infrared coagulation.
And rubber band ligation is somewhere in the middle," said Dr.