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a bullet made of hard rubber

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Israeli forces shot two Palestinians with live rounds in their lower body and hit a third Palestinian with a rubber bullet in the head during clashes the broke out in the Palestine Technical University.
The Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that soldiers took up positions near a school in the Al Arroub refugee camp and fired metal-coated rubber bullets and gas canisters on students, who pelted them with stones.
A local party leader involved in the protests said seven people had been hurt, including a 11-year-old boy struck by a rubber bullet.
As per the reports, seven Palestinians were killed, 200 at least were injured of live and rubber bullets and another seven Palestinians suffered of bruises for being severely beaten in the confrontations with the Israeli forces in West Bank, east of Gaza and east of Khan Younis, until half past eight Friday evening.
On Sunday, images circulated Twitter claiming rubber bullets fired by Turkish authorities in Istanbul's Gazi district bore the logo of Turkey's Party for Justice and Progress, the ruling political party which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a part.
In the UK, the band had 11 Top 10 singles and three number ones - Rubber Bullets, I'm Not In Love and Dreadlock Holiday.
The full extent of the force used on that occasion by the police had been unclear, and it was initially understood that rubber bullets were not used.
It was a peaceful demonstration and there was no need for tear gas and rubber bullets.
SAO PAULO: Police in Sao Paulo fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets Thursday to break up an anti-World Cup protest on the morning the Brazilian mega-city hosts the tournament's opening match.
Canadian activists are outraged by a video where police are seen shooting a mentally ill homeless man with rubber bullets.
Rights groups and witnesses accused Spanish security forces of firing rubber bullets at the migrants in the water.
South African police fired stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets Thursday to disperse thousands of rioters demanding basic government services in communities near Pretoria and Johannesburg.
POLICE have fired rubber bullets and tear gas in the third day of clashes with thousands of Bangladeshi garment workers demanding better minimum wages amid escalating tension over the country's main export business.
Jenin, Ramadan 22, 1434, Jul 31, 2013, SPA - Seven people were injured by live and rubber bullets Tuesday when they confronted Israeli soldiers who raided Jenin refugee camp to arrest people, said security and medical sources.
Brazilian police using water cannon, tear gas and rubber bullets to take control the protests in the city center of Sao Paulo.