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Rub al-Khali starts on the new road from the Haradh village, passes through the city of al-Batha, and continues towards the Shaybah Oil Field.
Project structure South Rub Al-Khali (Srak) is the client.
The Shell-Aramco joint venture, the South Rub al-Khali Co (Srak), has also made discoveries.
The road, which runs through the Empty Quarter desert, or Rub Al-Khali, received its first trial operation by the Royal Oman Police despite being scheduled to open in 2014, said a press report.
Shell has recently abandoned the South Rub al-Khali Co.
Saudi Arabia identified substantial shale gas formations in the northwest of the country, the South Ghawar and the Rub al-Khali.
Project name: Kidan Non-Associated Gas Exploration Plan Name of client: Srak - South Rub Al-Khali Company Budget: $8 billion Main contractor: None Facility type: Gas exploration Status: Feasibility study PMC: WorleyParsons Location: Rub Al Khali
The proposed canal would start from the Arabian Sea and pass through Omani and Yemeni territory before reaching Rub Al-Khali or the Empty Quarter in the Kingdom.
Shell Mulls Abandoning Empty Quarter Gas JV: Shell in June 2013 was reported to be considering its options regarding the South Rub al-Khali Co.
Shaybah NGL development manager Bader Al-Saud indicated that this new grass roots facility is part of multiphase plan and will be the cornerstone for the NGL recovery program in the Rub al-Khali. The facility has been size-optimized for operation and includes the latest technologies with provision for future expansion.
LUKSAR, the gas exploration-focused joint venture (JV) between Russia's Lukoil and state-owned oil and gas giant Saudi Aramco, has decided to relinquish 90 per cent of its gas exploration block in the Rub Al-Khali (Empty Quarter) desert and focus on appraising two discoveries made in its remaining acreage.
Known as the Rub Al-Khali, the Empty Quarter is the largest sand desert in the world encompassing most of the southern Arabian Pensinsula, Saudi Arabia, parts of Oman, the UAE and Yemen.
He added: "We have discovered commercially utilisable volumes of the various types of natural gas in the Red Sea, in the north of the kingdom and in Rub al-Khali".
WorleyParsons has secured a contract from a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Shell Oil Company, South Rub Al-Khali Co.
The joint venture South Rub Al-Khali Co (Srak) said earlier this month that a test well at Kidan flowed at 90 million cubic feet per day (cfd).