Roy Chapman Andrews

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United States naturalist who contributed to paleontology and geology (1884-1960)


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Roy Chapman Andrews came into this world on a bone-chilling January night in 1884.
Such was his fame that he became the star of a True Comics feature called Roy Chapman Andrews the Modern Dragon Hunter and later, in 1944, he returned to comic book stardom as Andrews of Asia.
This book is a biography of Roy Chapman Andrews, the explorer who collected many of these fossils from the Gobi desert in the 1920s in a series of daring and ingenious expeditions.
It was the size of a modern rhinoceros and was named after palaeontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, the inspiration for film hero Indiana Jones.
Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Theodore Roosevelt, Pierre Curie, and Roy Chapman Andrews.
Peary, Roy Chapman Andrews and Sir Edmund Hillary, KG, ONZ, KBE, among others.
Maybe someone acquires an excellent condition Savage 99 once owned by Roy Chapman Andrews.
For John Man his odyssey encompassing more than 1,600 kilometres of gravel, mountain and sand was the culmination of a childhood dream sparked by the American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews, discoverer of so many dinosaur bones.
I read all about Roy Chapman Andrews, Martin and Osa Johnson, Frank Buck, and many others keeping Mrs.