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a house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side and sharing common walls

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Six of the existing Crescent Village row houses are still owned by banks, but Musumeci said the banks have rented them out.
NCRC contended that the bank's lending practices discriminated against Hispanics and African Americans because row houses valued under $100,000 are more heavily concentrated in African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods.
Today, Project Row Houses has expanded from its original block to five more (with an eye on 35).
Most of the narrow-fronted wooden row houses that gave Kyoto its distinctive character have been destroyed with the full support of the city authorities.
Row houses could potentially allow more families to live in the space traditionally required by a single household.
The "embassy" occupies two elegant 19th-century row houses on Jefferson Place for which the CANF paid $1.
According to the report, within the last five years, 2,967 historic buildings were rehabilitated--among them, Chicago office towers, Baltimore row houses, St.
Row houses are more energy efficient than single detached dwellings, but the consistent improvements achieved in newer detached houses were not found in newer row houses.
Stone, lumber and brick that arrived by boat built the handsome row houses in nearby Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Park Slope.
She wants to set up a community radio station in her neighborhood, Mount Pleasant, a mainly working-class area that is home to immigrants from Central and South America, the horn of Africa, and Southeast Asia, as well as an increasing number of whites drawn to the inexpensive old row houses, cultural diversity, and close-knit community.
The rooftops of the neighborhood loom above the fences (families in those row houses once gathered for free peeks at the games).
Developers who had planned to build commercial buildings or traditional suburban homes are now required to build apartment buildings, condominiums, or row houses.
Heat energy is used 20% more efficiently in semi-detached houses and nearly 30% more efficiently in row houses than in detached dwellings.
Whatever the weather, a walk along the top offers unconventional glimpses into the remains of a 7,000-seat Roman amphitheater, ancient churchyards and cloistered gardens dating from the 9th century, Elizabethan row houses, 19th-century canals and ornate clock towers, and modern commercial businesses.
W Istanbul will Serve as the Centerpiece of the Ottoman Row Houses Amidst Couture Shopping and Elite Residences