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a house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side and sharing common walls

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Now, we have a building code requirement to air seal town houses and row houses, and that means we actually measure things.
Also in 2016, FCP and Insight plan to move forward with construction on the initial phase of the three and four bedroom row houses.
Ray commissioned the row houses, which still stand today, on what became Sylvan Terrace.
According to Danny Tolentino, HCG 3 has 12 months to construct the row houses but relocation of affected informal settlers will start as early as January, 2016.
The architecture, designing and engineering gone into constructing these row houses are vastu compliant.
Mantri Courtyard comprises of one of its kinds contemporary private row houses encumbered with all modish amenities.
The first families that bought row houses in 2006 paid between $475,000 and $500,000.
This is because Open Plot and Row Houses are considered to be the best place for a shelter no matter what might be the unavoidable situation is for a particular individual.
Earlier, in a briefing the committee members were apprised that PHA is working on construction of apartments and row houses at Kurri Road, Zone-IV and I-12 in the federal capital.
The project comprises 54 apartments, 21 row houses, 45 garage slots and 21 above-ground parking spaces.
Not only were the fragrances tantalizing, and the packaging compelling, with fold-out cartons resembling fully decorated row houses, but the brand told a delightful story--and earned a FiFi finalist award for Fragrance of the Year--Women's Luxe.
once barely paid attention to the historic and architectural significance of the Treadwell Farm row houses in what was deemed the worst historic district in New York City in the 1960s.
Dunn, a 42-year veteran of the Fire Department of New York, describes firefighting strategies for the most common types of fire scenarios, including private dwellings, strip malls, row houses, restaurant kitchens, warehouses, grass and brush fires, and terrorist explosions.
alleging that Indianapolis-based First Indiana Bank NA discriminated on the basis of national origin and race by refusing to make loans on row houses in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington, D.
Georges Seurat, Childe Hassam, and George Bellows painted avenues, parks, and stadiums jammed with strolling and cheering city dwellers, but on a Hopper canvas empty row houses and shuttered storefronts stare back at us, blank-eyed and desolate.