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United States pathologist who discovered viruses that cause tumors (1879-1970)

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No more than three years after he had praised the former king in the Yorkist Roll, Rous ascribes supernatural and demonic natal features to the infant Richard:
If only an ROU is transferred, it should be accounted for as a capitalized executory contract.
Rous later wrote, "In this paper is reported the first avian tumor that has proved transplantable to other individuals.
Rous matriculated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in 1598.
He joined Abbe Rous in 2003 after a career that first took him to the Loire Valley via Japan and New York.
He said he found his hostess, Lady Rous, "a godly, grave, understanding woman.
Leave the farm track and go left through this gate - you will see Grange Farm and the village of Rous Lench over to your right.
The first tumor-causing virus identified in any organism was the Rous sarcoma virus in chickens.
For more information or comments, email Deputy Director of Publications Bernard Rous at rous@acm.
The aptness for winemaking of certain Napa and Sonoma vineyards is legendary, and Craig Rous thinks he might know one of the reasons why.
An American physician, Francis Peyton Rous (1879-1970), had occasion to examine a chicken with a tumor.
I might not have said this when I was a young player, but what the FA need is another man like Sir Stanley Rous.
But he appears to have changed tack again, claiming English football was determined to bring down FIFA as "revenge" for the overthrow of Stanley Rous as president - in 1974.
Yet the question is whether the Admiral Rous scale, adopted by racing authorities and which determines the weight carried by immature horses, has become outdated.