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the activity of gathering livestock together so that they can be counted or branded or sold

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a summary list

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the systematic gathering up of suspects by the police

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As a result of our portfolio review and dialogue with wheat industry leaders," said Carl Casale, executive vice president of Monsanto, in announcing the company's decision, "we recognize the business opportunities with Roundup Ready spring wheat are less attractive relative to Monsanto's other commercial priorities.
Monsanto plans to release a Roundup Ready wheat, but Saskatchewan's organic grain producers fear that wheat exports -- an even larger market than canola -- would face similar barriers.
Roundup Ready soybean seed is cheaper in Argentina because no system exists to protect intellectual property rights that would allow the seed company to charge a noncompetitive price.
The only catch: Farmers using Roundup Ready seeds can only use Roundup, because any other broadspectrum herbicide will kill their crops.
Seed & crop company Monsanto Company (NYSE:MON) reported on Friday the receipt of import approval from the European Commission for Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans.
Meanwhile, DuPont accuses Monsanto of obtaining the Roundup Ready soybean patent through fraudulent means.
Bob Hartzler, an extension weed management specialist from Iowa State University, glyphosate-resistant marestail in Roundup Ready soybeans first appeared in Delaware in 2000, spreading since as far west as Indiana, and identified in the Southeastern US where Roundup Ready cotton is grown.
We had hoped that this opinion, combined with the fact that new regulations covering GM products are now in place, would have been sufficient to allow a positive decision to be reached", said Brett Begemann, Executive Vice-President, International, for Monsanto, in a statement published following the EU regulatory committee's decision not to approve the importation of the company's NK603 Roundup Ready maize.
The researchers found that the Roundup Ready trait moved among canola crops, making it impossible for farmers to know that their crops had been tainted.
Wheat growers, spooked by StarLink, sought laws in several states for a moratorium on Roundup Ready wheat, following Monsanto's announced plans to introduce the crop by 2005.
This decision means that all sales of Roundup Ready soybean and Roundup Ready canola seeds by DuPont's subsidiary Pioneer since the October 1, 1999, merger were unauthorized, thereby exposing DuPont to a significant damage claim by Monsanto.
Environmental group Friends of the Earth (FOE) says it has tested "a small number of foods" in Europe and found what it believes are traces of Roundup Ready corn, a biotech variety not approved for sale in Europe.
A federal appeals court has ruled that Roundup Ready soy seeds cannot be sold in the country until their maker, Monsanto, meets court-required demands.
Last June, Brazilian Federal Judge Antonio Souza Prudente halted Monsanto's attempts to market its genetically engineered Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans, arguing that "the irresponsible speed to introduce the advances of genetic engineering is inspired by the greed of economic globalization.