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of or relating to or characteristic of the country of Romania or its people or languages

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(52) Christine Avghi Galitzi, A study of Assimilation Amoung the Roumanians of United States, (New York: Columbia University Press, 1929).
the much less desirable classes include Southern Italians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Servians, Poles, Portugese, Spaniards, Roumanians, and Montenegrans.' When asked why these different peoples had been classified as desirable or undesirable, Husband explained to Edward that 'to one who had had any wide experience of the matter, [it was] comparatively simple to make a broad generalization, but difficult to furnish reasons in detail'.
Volume VIII, The Great Literature of Small Nations, graciously welcomes groups as unexpected as the Finns and the "Roumanians." Personal and political criteria for the choices are not even in evidence, let alone being objectionable.
as well as "the lowest foreigners--Greeks, Roumanians, Sicilians,
This volume draws together seventeen previously published and three original articles to serve as a survey text of Canada's "the new immigrant history." Organized chronologically and by theme, the articles focus on the Irish in the 1840s; African Americans in Canada West (Ontario) prior to the Civil War; Central Europeans (Roumanians and Ukrainians) on the Prairies at the turn of the century; the work of immigrant women and bachelor men in various contexts; labour activism; and society and state responses to immigration.
The Roumanians will, I believe, be giving a reception.
The Roumanians also can look back to Rome for their beginnings but their blood is thicker than that of the people of Dubrovnik.