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But the little kids knew that it was the wolf, by the rough voice.
The man with the rough voice was a burly fellow of middle age, with large black whiskers, broad cheeks, a coarse wide mouth, and bull neck, which was pretty freely displayed as his shirt collar was only confined by a loose red neckerchief.
As he could hear nothing but indistinct sounds of one deep rough voice (this was while my mind was so busy), he even at last began to doubt whether I was there, when suddenly I cried out loudly, and he answered the cries, and rushed in, closely followed by the other two.
we want the Bill," said a loud rough voice from the crowd below.
You know, you said you would some time; but don't, if you 'd rather not," said Tom, lowering his rough voice respectfully.
he said in a rough voice, stopping his digging for a moment.
And father pulls my shoes off, and dries my feet at the fire, and has me to sit by him while he smokes his pipe long after you are abed, and I notice that father's is a large hand but never a heavy one when it touches me, and that father's is a rough voice but never an angry one when it speaks to me.
A thousand times a day rough voices blessed her, and smiles of unwonted softness stole over hard faces, as she passed; and when she tripped fearlessly over dangerous places, rough, sooty hands were stretched involuntarily out to save her, and smooth her path.
Anon, there was an encounter, just at the door-step, betwixt two laboring men, as their rough voices denoted them to be.
The fishers of Viana were aroused that night by rough voices speaking in a strange tongue, and ere morning Sir Nigel and his men had ferried the river and were safe upon the land of Spain.
The song is a coarse carol, a gravelly version of whichever Christmas theme is most repeated on the airwaves, invariably delivered in the rough voice of a young drifter whose palm is held out for change.
15) These have been called harsh voice, creaky voice, or rough voice, and many other clinicianspecific nicknames, as well as glottal fry or vocal fry.