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a disc on a telephone that is rotated a fixed distance for each number called

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The automatic version has a neat little rotary dial gear selector as well as steering column-mounted flappy paddles if you want to change gear manually.
The Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI- DRIVE) powertrain management system allows the driver to tailor the car's driving characteristics by choosing from three selectable modes -- Intelligent, Sport and Sport Sharp -- using a rotary dial on the centre console.
And the rotary dial was still the norm when I grew up in the 1970s.
The Gear S3 also brings improvement to Tizen platform with additional function to rotary dial. Samsung had launched its Gear S2 in India soon after its global availability so expect this Tizen-powered smartwatch hitting Indian market soon.
Meanwhile, via a rotary dial by the gear lever, the electronic torqueon-demand four wheel drive system provides a choice between front wheel drive for normal roadwork and an automatically switching all wheel drive function that can be locked in 4x4 mode when the going gets really tough.
Plus, I love that black rotary dial phone hanging on my wall.
Its products include gReformer, the powerful half mechanical keyboard with LED illumination and gCrusader, the gaming keyboard with macro-enabled rotary dial.
The vote has changed the definition of ATDS because every smartphone, tablet, VoIP phone, calling app, texting app, and any phone that's not a rotary dial phone will be that system.
No reasonable person can expect a return to rotary dial phones, transistor radios, and black-and-white TVs that don't track our favorites, our locations, or how long we're connected.
It doesn't have to have a rotary dial. It can be the smartest of cellphones.
Rotary Mechanical Smartphone (prototype) Spurred by the nostalgic wave that swept vinyl records back into vogue, designer Richard Clarkson decided to reengineer a contemporary smartphone with a rotary dial, while replacing the usual synthetic components with copper and brushed brass.
Using materials that were donated, bought, salvaged and found, they transport us to a time when flowery wallpaper, rotary dial telephones and cheese and pineapple were today's feature wallpapers, iPhones and olives.
Even though rotary dial telephones and faxes have been replaced by teleconferences and the internet, Efromovich says he still makes decisions the way he did when he became a partner of the super-successful Pacific Rubiales, or when he decided to create a hotel chain.
The rotary dial makes it easy to choose the specialty coffee desired.
At the recent Plant & Asset Management Exhibition the company launched the new perma FLEX lubrication system which has a rotary dial to select discharge rate from 1 to 12 months in 1 month steps, is available in two sizes 60cc and 125 cc and can also be used in extreme dusty and moist areas.