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English poet and painter who was a leader of the Pre-Raphaelites (1828-1882)

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In addition, each home features customized Italian wardrobe closet systems by Rossetto, central heating and air-conditioning systems and washer-dryer hook-ups, as well.
The two have a regular rendezvous in a hotel room overlooking Silvio's home, so he can use binoculars to spy on his bored wife Marcia (Cecilia Rossetto).
Two Minnesota Public Radio hosts are doing weekly columns for Scripps Howard News Service: "The Splendid Table" by Lynne Rossetto Kasper and "Sound Money" by Chris Farrell.
One such program is "The Splendid Table" with host Lynne Rossetto Kasper, heard on Saturdays at 3 p.m.
Olivio Dutra is a former bankworkers union director and a well-known figure on the PT's left; he defines himself, according to a conversation we had a few months ago, as a "Christian Marxist." The elected vice-governor, Miguel Rossetto, belongs, like the mayor of the state capital, to the Socialist Democracy tendency.
Now, the emphasis appears to be on "la famiglia." Three books fit this bill: The Italian Country Table by Lynne Rossetto Kasper (Scribner), Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen by TV personality Nick Stellino (G.P.
The magazine's first issue declared boldly, "Wired is about the most powerful people on the planet today--the Digital Generation." Publisher Louis Rossetto prefers the term digerati, a play on literati, for the new economic and, increasingly, cultural elite.
Our story so far: Jim Manzi and Scott Kurnit were gambling wildly on the Internet, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt were desperately trying to save their once-proud companies, Louis Rossetto had predicted the future and got nothing but grief from Wall Street in return, while Bob Pittman escaped the dreary world of real estate only to find himself spinning off into uncharted territories of cyberspace.
Three years ago, Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe approached Negroponte with their idea for a magazine aimed at the young multi-media computer user.
* "Our beat is the best beat anyone can have today," says Louis Rossetto, 45, editor and publisher of Wired.
"There are a lot of magazines about technology," declares Louis Rossetto, in an editorial that seems to cross a Pepsi commercial and the Discovery channel, "Wired is not one of them.
Wanty-Gobert's Yoann Offredo and Cofidis' Stephane Rossetto attacked from the flag and the good friends might have imagined they were out on a training ride as they were allowed to easily pull five minutes clear in the first 20 kilometres.
Lincoln-Way East kept things interesting as Ryan Utt scored a fastbreak goal assisted by Orloff before Pat Rossetto scored from in close to cut the gap to 6-3 at halftime.
OLYMPIC champion Greg Van Avermaet secured overall victory in the Tour de Yorkshire after Frenchman Stephane Rossetto took a brilliant solo win on stage four into Leeds.
While still an undergraduate at Columbia, future Wired magazine co-founder Louis Rossetto co-authored a 1971 New York Times Magazine cover story on "The New Right Credo." In his view, liberalism, conservatism, and "leftist radicalism" had all proven to be bankrupt political philosophies, leaving their "refugees" to coalesce under a new banner: libertarianism.