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Scottish explorer who led Arctic expeditions that yielded geographic discoveries while searching for the Northwest Passage (1777-1856)

British explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic

British physician who discovered that mosquitos transmit malaria (1857-1932)

a politician in Wyoming who was the first woman governor in the United States (1876-1977)

American seamstress said to have made the first American flag at the request of George Washington (1752-1836)

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Philip Fraser, 50, murdered Donna Forrest, with whom he had once had a relationship, at her home in Balintore, Easter Ross, Scotland, on April 11 this year.
Britain's coldest temperature today was in Altnaharra in Western Ross, Scotland.
Another climber was reported missing just before noon after an avalanche on the mountain Liathach in Torridon, Wester Ross, Scotland. He was found later by the Torridon mountain rescue team: the man was conscious and had an arm injury.
Washington, January 21 (ANI): A small community in the Applecross peninsula in Wester Ross, Scotland, is trying to attract GPs to apply for the vacancy of a family doctor highlighting the area's scenery, wildlife, and outdoor activities.
But Sean was flung into the air in the collision at Invergordon harbour in Easter Ross, Scotland.