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Scottish explorer who led Arctic expeditions that yielded geographic discoveries while searching for the Northwest Passage (1777-1856)

British explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic

British physician who discovered that mosquitos transmit malaria (1857-1932)

a politician in Wyoming who was the first woman governor in the United States (1876-1977)

American seamstress said to have made the first American flag at the request of George Washington (1752-1836)

References in classic literature ?
"Excuse me," said he, turning to Colonel Ross, who had looked at him in some surprise.
"He has been in your service some years, Colonel Ross?"
One of them is a letter of instructions from Colonel Ross. This other is a milliner's account for thirty-seven pounds fifteen made out by Madame Lesurier, of Bond Street, to William Derbyshire.
Colonel Ross, who had shown some signs of impatience at my companion's quiet and systematic method of work, glanced at his watch.
"Colonel Ross did not impress me as a man who would be likely to show much mercy in any case."
"The matter does not rest with Colonel Ross. I follow my own methods, and tell as much or as little as I choose.
"I must say that I am rather disappointed in our London consultant," said Colonel Ross, bluntly, as my friend left the room.
It set me thinking hopefully of my deliverance, of which I had begun to despair; and I scanned the sea and the Ross with a fresh interest.
I remembered he was always waving his hand towards the mainland of the Ross.
Ross shook her head scornfully, as if drink was a weakness beneath the weakest of Island McGill.
Ross knitted stolidly on, only nodding permission when Clara's young man, mate on one of the Shire Line sailing ships, came to walk out with her.
Ross tapped significantly on her forehead to indicate a state of addlement.
"Father's and Miss Ross's and all the dif'rent school teachers', and all in the Sunday- school library.
Duncan Ross was there to see that I got fairly to work.
Duncan Ross took to coming in only once of a morning, and then, after a time, he did not come in at all.