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In Cronquist's system of classification (Cronquist, 1981), Dahlgren's Rosiflorae is separated in two Subclasses: Hamamelidae (15 families in 7 orders) and Rosidae (16 families in 4 orders).
The plant belongs to the class Magnoliopsida (dicotyledons), subclass Rosidae order Fabales, family Fabaceae, genus Tephrosia Pers.
brasiliensis, from the Rosidae, was selected as the industry standard; P.
Specifically, Saxifraga and Rhizophora are both positioned in the subclass, Rosidae (sensu Cronquist, 1981).
For example, under the classification of Cronquist (1981), the diverse host list of the nymphalid tribe Nymphalini includes as dominant themes three families in the order Urticales (Hamamelidae), two in Rosales (Rosidae), one in Salicales (Dillenidae), and two in Fagales (Hamamelidae).
The diversity of stamen structures in "Lower" Rosidae (Rosales, Fagales, Protcales, Sapindales).
Despite its traditional association with Rosidae, there were early indications of an affinity of Pittosporaceae to Apiales based on chemical data (Hegnauer, 1971; Bohlmann, 1971), anatomical characters (Jurica, 1922; Rodriguez, 1971), and cytology (Darlington & Wylie, 1955; Jay, 1969).
Most of the taxa that Cronquist (1981) and Takhtajan (1997) placed in their Asteridae or separately in the Asteridae, Lamiidae and Cornidae are still accommodated in the current concept of Asteridae, but several other taxa traditionally placed in the Dillenidae and Rosidae have also been proven to be asterids (compare the three classification systems in "Appendix A").