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a system of classifying into files (usually arranged alphabetically)

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This principle applies to both the root directory of the Web server and subdirectories.
txt, which resides in the root directory of a site.
The goal is to read a file from the root directory of the connected USB storage device.
PageScreamer enables a user with minimal technical background to quickly scroll through the Web server root directory, identifying non-compliant images, objects and applets.
Just create a blank text file in your site's root directory and call it robots.
The default is always to store your files in the application' s root directory.
Then you need two startup text files from the darkest days of DOS that may or may not exist in the root directory of the drive from which you boot your Windows 95 machine: AUTOEXEC.
I gave it directory names and ended up with everything going into the root directory.
After making the connection to the remote host Internet computer, move from the root directory to the appropriate public directory as shown in Figure 2.
Instead, a delete or erase command in DOS simply replaces the first byte of the file name in the root directory with the lowercase Greek character sigma (E5 in hexadecimal code).