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an ice-cream soda made with ice cream floating in root beer

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For the past three years, A&W has celebrated National Root Beer Float Day on August 6 by giving away free Root Beer Floats and collecting donations for WWP.
Hot dogs, root beer floats and Fuji apples were among the items sold outside the store entrances.
We have tested and proven the unique power of offering the seafood category's leading quick service brand, Long John Silver's, and the heritage of A&W's all-American hamburgers, hot dogs and legendary root beer floats to our existing KFCs and Taco Bells.
Tetley had not yet made a name for himself as a major international choreographer and went out with the students and other dancers and ordered root beer floats, just like everyone else.
The A&W[R] brand was founded in 1919 and is famous for serving a signature frosty mug root beer, root beer floats, hot dogs, and All American pure-beef hamburgers.
From mac and cheese stuffed burgers to bacon-wrapped roasted corn, deep-fried root beer floats to bacon-topped cinnamon roll sundaes, there is sure to be a dish to satisfy everyone's carnival craving!
My brother doesn't like root beer floats so it means more to me.
The latest to join the ranks of home delivery services is Send Ice Cream, a New Jersey-based company that ships complete ice cream sundae parties, ice cream cakes, and root beer floats to ice cream lovers around the country.
Banana splits and root beer floats are being served at the ice cream parlors from 1 p.
It's still 1956 - still the same hole-in-the-wall, bright-yellow lunch stand on Devonshire Street in Chatsworth, where the neighborhood gathers for hamburgers, chili fries, root beer floats, some laughs and some griping about how much has changed in town over the years.
Williams said the new Appleton A&W will employ 40-60 persons and will offer customers the popular A&W All American Menu of Papa Burgers, Fries, Coney Dogs, and of course, their signature frosty mugs of freshly made A&W Draft Root Beer and Root Beer Floats.
Root beer floats - you can eat them inside, away from the scary fireworks and loud noises
Among the branded frozen desserts being newly offered are Dippin' Dots, in Pittsburgh's PNC park; Mug Root Beer Floats featuring Bud's vanilla ice cream and served in a 16-ounce souvenir mug, at Oakland's Network Associates Coliseum; and Dove Bars at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore.
In his research, he's seen restaurants adding upscale root beer floats and rich, pricey sundaes enjoying a renaissance.
According to Nickleson, who is partnering with his wife Patti, a Registered Nurse, the new A&W will offer seating for 38-persons, 19-Drive- In stalls and will feature the A&W Restaurants All-American menu of fresh made Draft Root Beer, Root Beer Floats, Coney Hot Dogs, and Burgers made from 100 percent All American Beef.