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a garden on a flat roof of a building

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Post often tries to fully or partially "bury" the parking deck, which can present an opportunity for a roof-top garden, or green roof.
Many of the guest bedrooms have their own little terrace to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the roof-top garden and the views over the city.
The facility offers: a well-equipped physiotherapy and occupational therapy suite; a space for spiritual reflection; a large gathering space for activities and entertainment; a roof-top garden with greenhouse; and a full range of staff training and education spaces.
Their roof-top garden is not the only innovative architectural trend.
Unless they're prepared to pay a premium for a private roof-top garden, a tiny balcony is usually the best buyers can hope for.
All water runoff is either collected into large cisterns during the rainy season, or filtered naturally through a combination of the native roof-top garden and a site that requires no irrigation, fertilizers, nor herbicides.
Building has a roof-top garden. Listing Agents: Robert Dankner & Lisa Beth Carroll, Prime Manhattan Residential.
The hotel will be offering 250 rooms and suites and 50 villas, two fine dining restaurants, a full-service conference and meeting centre, a lobby lounge, an indoor swimming pool, a spa, a fitness centre, and a roof-top garden.
Our view was of muddled buildings each jostling the other for position, all boasting spiky television aerials and just over there, with glimpses of the sea in the background, a roof-top garden, tended by a lady in a dressing gown.
My jaw drooped in wonder as the escalators carried me up through its many levels and drooped still further when I wandered out on to the roof-top garden to gaze at Birmingham's twinkling lights.
Investigators are believed to be looking at faulty construction of a roof-top garden and children's play area as the potential cause of the initial collapse at the packed supermarket on Thursday.
A few years ago, the company opened a roof-top garden on the roof of one of its factories.
The building also includes an employee cafeteria, a lounge and a roof-top garden area, where vegetables will be grown from seeds offered by Bayer CropScience.
Located in a 1908 building a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees, the hotel will offer rooms starting at just over 1,000 euros a night and rising to 25,000 euros for a penthouse suite with its own roof-top garden.
The most unusual roof-top garden in Britain comes complete with the gentle sway of the palms in the breeze, a lounger for cocktails, and six-foot high bamboo screen for the discreet sun-worshipper.