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a garden on a flat roof of a building

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House, LeamingtonHouse, which you'll find on Leamington Spa's Parade, proudly advertises its roof terrace in neon letters above the entrance.
Now, the developer wants to add a roof terrace, to provide outdoor space for the employees using the office.
'The views from the roof terrace are sure to be absolutely outstanding and this building will be an exciting addition to London's ever-evolving skyline.
A set of stairs will take invited guests onto the roof terrace, to enjoy panoramic views over the racecourse and beyond."
"It's a really fine building and I just wonder about that roof terrace compromising that bit of the public domain.
The airport says its 'Open Air Deck' (as it's officially called) covers 1,485sq ft (138m2) and has comfortable seating, fresh air and natural light to help overcome jetlag and adds that"after spending hours cooped up in a jet, the effect is truly liberating:' The roof terrace is open daily from 5am to 11pm and can be accessed by all passengers in the non-Schengen zone.
In the event of rainfall, and the roof terrace being out of action, there are still a number of outstanding views to enthrall a new owner.
The entrepreneur and co-founder of new radio station Amp, 26, said: "With an extensive list of cocktails and an exciting food concept to be announced, we will be the jewel in the crown with the city's largest flatlevel roof terrace.
Features include a private roof terrace with 360 degree views, off-road parking, 'ample living space' which includes an open plan lounge/ kitchen, two double bedrooms, a single bedroom and a large bathroom.
Extraordinary: The roof terrace If you had to choose a handful of films that summed up the 1980s then 91/2 Weeks, starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger, should be on your list.
If you have a flat roof that's not being used, why not consider extending your outside space with a roof terrace? But first, make sure you use a suitable flat roof system such as RubberBond[TM] Fleeceback EPDM.
The opening of the roof terrace coincides with the completion of the refurbishment of the adjacent 4,250 sq ft seventh floor office suite, which overlooks Great Charles Street Queensway and Chamberlain Square.
On the third floor of the house there is a sun lounge and roof terrace with a seating area that enjoys views across Harborne.
LAVEROCKBANK Cottage, at 40 East Trinity Road, Edinburgh is full of little surprises - not least the fairytale turret which houses the staircase, shower room and a roof terrace.