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Romo recommends this five-minute wake-up-and-warmup exercise.
Romo is expected to get the offence back on track and insists: "Our team has the ability to put together a great second-half run, starting this week.
Ironically, Romo had suffered a gash on his chin that required 13 stitches in the Cowboys' 28-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns that same weekend.
Romo credits that long-ago picture-hunting expedition with inspiring him to shoot photos in the course of his research to help educate future generations.
Dallas won its fifth straight and reached 10-1 on the season thanks to the heroics of quarterback Romo and Marion Barber who carried 18 times for 103 yards and a touchdown.
Romo is coming off a crazy Monday night game against Buffalo Bills where he threw a career-high five interceptions but still emerged a hero.
When he felt his mind faltering, Romo started making calls to researchers he'd consulted in the past.
Bill Parcells might have stayed with Drew Bledsoe -- he wasn't any worse against the New York Giants than Tony Romo, who threw threeinterceptions.
Brain areas that are used to perform an action are also needed to comprehend words related to that action," Victor de Lafuente and Ranulfo Romo of Mexico's National Autonomous University in Mexico City comment in an editorial in the same journal issue.
The trial court in Romo awarded the plaintiffs substantial punitive damages after it found Ford guilty of ignoring its own internal safety standards when it designed the 1978 Bronco and failed to test the strength of the roof.
The who's Who list of new Pemex board members includes Carlos Slim, chairman of Grupo Carso; Alfonso Romo, chairman of Grupo Pulsar; and Lorenzo Zambrano, CEO of Cemex.
They have experienced widespread discrimination, prejudice, and unequal opportunity in education, employment, income, and housing; futhermore, they are considered to be at-risk for the onset of disabilities and for many other significant problems (Fierro & Leal, 1988; Karno & Edgerton, 1970; Romo, 1985).
Colorful folk life, quaint straw-thatched houses, and windswept dunes bring summer visitors to Romo, just off the west coast of Denmark.
A founding member of the Americas Business Council Foundation (ABC*), Guillermo Romo was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum among thousands of candidates from more than 65 countries
UpWind Solutions has inked a strategic relationship with ROMO Wind.