Romneya coulteri

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tall branching subshrub of California and Mexico often cultivated for its silvery-blue foliage and large fragrant white flowers

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PRUNE hardy shrubs such as Fuchsia magellanica, Caryoptens clandonensis, Perovskia and Romneya coulteri.
mellifera Shrub Loasaceae Mentzelia micrantha Annual Onagraceae Camissonia californica Annual Papaveraceae Romneya coulteri Suffrutescent(*) Polemoniaceae Allophyllum glutinosum Annual Scrophulariaceae Antirrhinum coulterianum Annual A.
If you look at the leaves you see similarities with Sanguinaria canadensis, (Canadian bloodroot) and the root system has the same 'quest forth' attitude as Romneya coulteri, the California tree poppy.
With huge, diaphanous white flowers atop 6- to 8-foot-tall stems, Romneya coulteri is regal, indeed.