Rome Beauty

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large red apple used primarily for baking

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Half-bushels (20 pounds) of Rome Beauty and Golden Delicious apples for pies, jams, candying--or just plain snacking-- from Argyres Orchard.
Carlo spotted Sophia Scicolone in the line- up of a Rome beauty contest in 1952 when she was 18.
Variety Flavor Profile Golden Delicious Dubbed the "All Purpose" cooking apples Granny Smith Tangy flavor, especially good for sauces Jonathon Moderately tart, rich flavor Newton Pippin Tart, tangy-sweet, firm, especially good for applesauce Rome Beauty Mildly tart, especially good for baked apples, know as "Baker's Buddy" Winesap Spicy, mildly tart, aromatic, especially good for thicker, juicy sauces
You can pick up fresh Gravensteins as well as Jonathan, Delicious, Rome Beauty, and other apple varieties directly from the farms or from the Sunday morning farmers' market downtown.
If, on the other hand, you relish the sweet crr-unnch of a crisp juicy Red Delicious, the tart treat of a Granny Smith or the in-between flavor of a Rome Beauty, then head for the hills.
5 cups of sliced, peeled baking apples (Granny Smith, Rome Beauty or other
Fewer than a dozen growers produce more than two dozen varieties of apples - everything from winesap and red and golden Delicious to Rome beauty, Gala and Jonagolds.
ROME BEAUTY Bright red in color, medium to very large in size.
Originally named Rome Beauty, this variety was discovered many years ago in an orchard in Rome Township, Lawrence County, Ohio.
total) Rome Beauty or Golden Delicious apples Light sour cream and brown sugar (optional)