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magnificence which old Coliseum frequenters tell us Rome was so
But if you like these wall-paintings we can easily drive thither; and you will then, I think, have seen the chief works of Raphael, any of which it were a pity to omit in a visit to Rome.
Among the sights of Europe, that of Rome has ever been held one of the most striking and in some respects edifying.
See Rome and die:' but in your case I would propose an emendation and say, See Rome as a bride, and live henceforth as a happy wife.
We are dedicated to the continuous growth and development of the city's economy and look forward to serving community members for another 100 years," says Gary Rome, President of the Gary Rome Auto Group.
The city of Rome will use a grant of up to $8,500,000 for a portion of the cost of installation and expansion of public water and sewer infrastructure to serve West Rome and the South Rome Brownfield Opportunity Area.
But the symbolism of Rome had to be reclaimed from the Catholic Church and reimagined to suit the needs of the Fascist regime.
Situated in between the coast and the ancient city of Rome the site is also great for culture vultures.
One of the new features coming in "Total War: Rome 2" is the Province system, which helps the player manage the territories within his or her empire.
Berkshire Hills Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: BHLB) and Rome Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: ROME) have signed an agreement under which Berkshire will acquire Rome Bancorp in a cash and stock transaction worth nearly USD74m.
Reflecting on Rome and Mekka, the hip hop maestro had this to say: "I was creating Mekka the same time I was creating Rome & Jewels.
But the work he does will help create the architecture for which Rome wilt become famous.
Unlike much of Protestantism, Rome is innately suspicious of feelings and enthusiasms; still, I can report that my predominant feeling was of a homecoming, of responding to a bell I had long heard toll, of taking my place at a table that had long been set, of finding spiritual companionship among those unashamed to profess the faith of the fathers.
Beyond the religious relics, Rome offers other significant landmarks, such as the Coliseum--the arena of gladiators and ancient Rome's best-known monument.