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Synonyms for Romansh

the Rhaeto-Romance language spoken in southeastern Switzerland

of or relating to the Romansh language


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Moreover, we include dummy variables for the majority language in a district (French, Italian, Romansh, i.
Switzerland's fourth official language, Romansh is spoken by around 34,000 people, mostly residing in small mountain towns in the north-eastern canton of Grisons (better known by its German name, Graubunden).
1 FACTFILE LANGUAGE: German, French, Italian and Romansh CURRENCY: Swiss Franc but Euro also widely accepted TIME ZONE: GMT + 2 BEST MONTHS: THE best time to visit Geneva is in the small "off-season" of July and August.
Romansh was fourth, followed by War Dancer, Verrazano, Golden Soul and Transparent.
Godolphin, to the fore 12 months ago when Alpha dead-heated with Golden Ticket, bookend the starting gate with two sons of 2006 Travers winner Bernardini in the shape of Romansh and Transparent, drawn one and nine respectively.
Switzerland has a similar model because it integrates a federation of 26 cantons and four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.
Among specific topics are indirect measurement in morphological typology, qualitative and quantitative ways of tapping into the multilingual repertoire, underlying parameters and methodological procedures for historical text analysis, experimental methods in psycholinguistics, and the territoriality principle's applicability to the Romansh area in the Swiss canton of Grisons.
Because of the quadrilingual nature of Switzerland (four national languages including German [64%], French [20%], Italian [7%], and Romansh [0.
He congratulated Switzerland in all four of its official languages -- French, German, Italian and Romansh, drawing thunderous applause from the packed national council.
Switzerland's anthem has different lyrics in French, German, Italian and Romansh, while South Africa''s uses five of the country''s eleven languages all in the same song.
The authors have chosen to use the most common definition: "[a] dialect is a 'variant' of a language" and point out that the Romance languages (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Friulian, Sardinian, Romansh, and a few others) "turn out, in effect, to be modern-day 'variants' of Vulgar Latin (VL)" (11).
Constructions containing the verb with the meaning 'come' have spread in Scandinavian languages and Romansh dialects (Dahl 2000a: 320).
Now, the last time Gossip yodelled its way through the goatherds on the grassy uplands of the land famous for its clocks and cheese we encountered many speakers of Switzerland's main languages of German, French and Italian, and possibly, even, Romansh, but definitely no Swiss speakers.
Four languages are spoken by the Swiss people: German (74%), French (20%), Italian (4%) and Romansh (1%).
Most songs are now sung in English but there have been some niche languages heard at the Eurovision, including Romansh which is spoken by only 35,000 people and was sung by the Swiss act in 1989.